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The construction of the ship plays a very complex role. It has to cope with environmental forces affecting the ship on a daily basis. It also carries all systems of the ship-it is directly connected with constant coordination of all offices. Our designer constructions are consistent with ship owner’s directives and meet the requirements of Classification Societies and appropriate conventions. Our documentation is prepared according to your needs. We offer concepts, technical drawings and workshop documentation.
We make material’s endurance/durability calculations .
Our constructions come in a 3D modeling form, which are not only more precise than 2D designs, but also facilitate better communication with ship owner.



We design all kinds of general ship installations, including ballast, bilge – water, fire systems, etc; Everything is done according to the owner’s wishes and to the requirements of the Classification Societies and conventions of the International Maritime Organizations such as SOLAS and MARPOL. All systems/designs emerge from simple to complex installation projects. The whole process starts with the preliminary arrangements made with the owner. Subsequently, all technical projects including the documentation approved by the Classification Societies are prepared. At the end we complete workshop documentation, including assembly drawings and 3D modeling.


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